Well, because you can’t talk about female politicians without being the least bit sexist (or just a bit insulting), to start off:

…you can probably look for these two to respond with the intelligence of hung over sorority girls faking being awake at an 8:00 am history class without having read the assigned chapters.

But, you could always just be wrong. Basically, Andy, in Washington State we passed an initiative to pin the minimum wage to inflation and protect tip-earning baristas and doormen. Sorry, if Maria Cantwell and Patty Murry (Pati-cakes? Come on Andy…) don’t let the DC GOP run over our state on this one.

Oh, yeah, 3.5: If you really do want to comment on one of Andy’s posts, since he doesn’t let people post over the TP, he sometimes cross posts over at the Sound Politics Public Blog. For example, this post about Mark Shattuck being the dark horse in the 35th.

I happen to agree with Andy on this one, I’ve always been surprised that the Mason Co. GOP couldn’t get their act together enough to put a real horse in those races. Maybe if Mark raises enough money, he might have a change. Though in all of his other races, he never raised (or at least never claimed he raised, according to the PDC) a red cent. The 35th LD GOP better hope its not a vanity race.