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Wa-Dems: Engage in the blogosphere

In the past couple of days I got two emails about the IsThisMikeOn.org website. One from Dwight Pelz, the other from a staffer at the DSCC back east. The website, by the way is a great idea, super even.

Check the emails out though:

In case you haven’t seen it yet, I just wanted to give you a heads up about a new website launched by the Washington State Democratic Party, IsThisMikeOn.org. McGavick’s touring around the state in an RV but Democrats, led by the grassroots “Mike Check Squad”, will attend his events and ask him the questions that he continues to dodge.

The site has a place to submit questions you want Mike to answer and share your stories of encounters with the Mike’s gimmicky tour. Thanks and let me know if you’d rather not get emails like this in the future.

Link to the Press release

Link to Is This Mike On?

Weldon W. Kennedy
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
Internet Communications Staffer


Dear Friends,

As Mike McGavick gases up his campaign RV and hits the road, he continues to duck the issues and avoid answering tough questions. It’s understandable that McGavick would be less than “open” about where he stands, because when he does take a clear position he’s right in line with President Bush and out of step with Washington state.

Mike McGavick talks about being straightforward with Washingtonians, but he hasn’t offered a single plan for how he’s going to help Washington’s working families deal with the real issues they face every day.

Washington state deserves better. Mike needs to turn his mic on and come clean about where he stands.

With that in mind, we’ll be responding to Mike’s empty rhetoric by joining him on the road with the “Is This Mike On?” tour. The “Mike-Check Squad” will tag along with Mike, making sure “Mr. Transparent” answers voter’s questions about the issues they care about and that Mike tells the truth about his positions. We’ll be right there, wherever Mike is, checking to see if Mike’s mic is really on.

For more information about Mike McGavick and the “Mike-Check Squad”, check out our new website at:


Dwight Pelz
Washington State Democratic Party Chair

While Dwight sent his email out to every Democrat who has signed up for the state party’s email list, Weldon seems to have searched out the Washington blogosphere and found email addresses for local bloggers.

Does it bother anyone else that a DSCC staffer seems to have a better idea of the Washington bloggers than the Washington Democratic Party?

That the state party didn’t (and for all I know doesn’t) send emails to bloggers seems have been born out in that only three bloggers (now four) are linking to IsThisMikeOn.org, and one of them is “Respectfully Republican.”

IsThisMikeOn.org is a great idea, it needs great promotion too. I’m not saying that I’m so special, someone should email me every time someone moves up in Seattle, but what is so hard about writing a Washblog diary or emailing some of the bigger bloggers around?

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  1. switzerblog

    Hey, how come you didn’t link to http://www.switzerblog.com as one of your bigger bloggers? *sob!*

    I agree, Emmett, the DSCC, DCCC and DNC have all made a concerted effort to reach local bloggers – I’m confident they’re sharing the same list, in fact. Dwight Pelz doesn’t take the blogs seriously, even less so after the online debacle during the State Party Chair race, and so resists efforts to engage the blogosphere.

    I think it’s unfair to just demand that all political entities come to US. In this case, I think we need to continually go to Dwight and convince him of the relevance of blogs. Education, education, education.

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