A job ad from the Olympian (found again the TNT) this morning:

ROLE PLAYERS NEEDED Arabic speakers $20 HR DET/OP $13.16 DD214 COBs M/F $11.70 Call SMI 253-588-7529

The SMI in the ad is SMI Global Mission Support, an outfit with two locations, each right next to a major Army facility. Apparently, what they try to do is create real world scenarios for soldiers before they deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Some of their services include:

Civilians on the Battlefield

Leaders are trained to consider the presence of Civilians in areas of operations and their potential impact on tactics, maneuver, logistics, cultural and language barriers; thus differentiate the various categories of people commonly encountered on the modern battlefield.

Role Players (both native language speakers and non-FLS) portray:

  • Civic, political, religious and academic leaders.
  • The media
  • Noncombatants, including local residents and refugees.
  • International organizations, non-government organizations, contractors.
  • Potential intelligence sources.

Realism Enhancement

SMI provides a wide variety of props to enhance training realism by creating the “touch and feel” of the AO. We provide:

  • Regionally specific attire, signs, posters, flyers, jewelry, etc.
  • Loudspeakers broadcasting culturally authentic music.
  • Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES)Capable, simulated air soft rifles, AK-47, M-16, and 9-mm simulated military grade arms with blank firing adapters and the required number of blank rounds per training day per unit.
  • Simulated RPG-7 missiles, explosive vests, PKM machine guns.
  • Simulated improvised explosive devices (IED), such as: booby traps, roadside bombs, pipe bombs, coke can bombs, cigarette bombs, artillery rounds, trash bag bombs (inflated, fuel-air explosives filled with air and wired to simulate detonators), anti-tank mines, rockets, TNT, C-4, baby doll bombs, and football bombs.


Detainee Operations

Soldiers are trained in handling EPWs in a fair and humane manner in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Proper handling of EPWs is critical to securing intelligence leads crucial to military survival.

  • Initial Point of Capture and Screening Process
  • Utilization of non-lethal methods of apprehension and control
  • Conducting proper search techniques
  • Detainne Role-Play