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Maria blogs, well not really

The new Maria Cantwell site is up, and boy does it look pretty. It even includes one of those blog thingies, and I’m no kidding you, it is Shiny. But, it doesn’t take comments, and it doesn’t even pretend to.

Well, crap. I’m honest enough to say when I’m wrong, or that the person I’m going to vote for is wrong, but Tim Goddard, you win this round, you stinker. Mike McGavick, that hack, has a better blog than Maria.

There is some interesting stuff going on out there otherwise on the Maria vs. Mike blog wars:
Tim get’s his licks in, can’t help himself (I’m bloggy! Yes, Tim, you’re very bloggy)
An Open Letter to Maria Cantwell
Follow up on my open letter to Senator Cantwell
Postman: McGavick may be ahead in battle of the Web

Go to the bottom of this post, but Doug Dobbins and Tim have a contructive conversation in the comment thread.

If I seem to be harsh on this post towards anyone, it isn’t personal, it is only because I am mad that Republicans are out-doing what we should be better at. Anyway, for a much, much better example of a Democrat who blogs, check out Dave Upthegrove’s Uptheblog and my reasons for liking it. Wheew… breath out.


  1. Brenda

    We’re lucky that Maria realizes that there is an election in the near future. Let’s just hope that she catches on before she has another “Rick White” moment.

  2. Chad Shue

    That moment is closer than many will believe.

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