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Maybe this Eyman guy isn’t so cool

…wonders Anonymous comments at the Faith and Freedom Network blog. I was looking for some other side perspective on what happened in Olympia yesterday (it sill makes no sense to me), and stumbled upon these comments:

At 2:19 PM, Anonymous said…
We have allowed our Christ filled message to be co-opted by a moron
Darth Vader represents the “dark force.” Tim Eyman show disrespect for the Christian view by wearing a satanic outfit.
We should distance ourselves as soon as possible.
At 4:31 PM, Anonymous said…
well, there still was some good left in Darth Vadar. He did kill the emporer in the end. Maybe there is some good in Tim Eyman. Somewhere. In a gallaxy far, far away. Wow, that was just too easy

Yes, it is possible you sided with a jackass to get to your goal of total straigt-Christian domination. Or, like any scam artist, he saw you as a perfect mark and took you.

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  1. Karan

    That was quite the show wasn’t it? Can you just imagine the decision making that went on when they all sat around going…so we don’t have the signatures what should we do instead? Yeah…dress up like Darth Vader…brilliant….simply brilliant.

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