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I’m strangely attracted to this idea

Unity ’08

Actually, it isn’t strange at all, it is a lot of what I want in politics. Ideas over labels, (though we’re better off as Dems), a conversation over monologue and an online convention to choose a candidate.

Here are a couple of suggestions though:

1. Have a local meeting function, so folks can get together. Online is great, but only as a tool to enhance and bring to the surface what is going on in real, face-to-face world. Don’t sell out to meetup.com, develop your own system.

2. Join the fight for ballot fusion. If you want this to go beyond the ’08 Presidential campaign, there needs to be a way for that to happen. A Unity Party endorsing candidates could be the way to go. By the way, several of the states that ban ballot fusion are also states with the initiative process (hint, hint).

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  1. Kari Chisholm

    Fusion passed the Oregon House during the 2005 session. It was killed in the Senate — at the behest of fusion advocates, particularly the Oregon Working Families Party.


    Because the WFP wasn’t organized yet — and the calculus was that the only beneficiaries would be Republicans, as Libertarians would choose to fuse (instead of playing spoiler).

    This summer, expect to see the WFP qualify – and then fusion pass the Oregon legislature next spring.

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