We sometimes talk about how cool it is that some county commissioners or congressmen blog (Oh how hip!), but President Roh Moo Hyuan has three blogs, and none of them on his official website. Rather, they are all hosted on (from what I can tell) are commercial, free, blog communities.

Oranckay doesn’t think very much of this:

Some have said one of Roh’s biggest problems is that he’s got his head buried in the internet. You know, instead of just governing without constantly trying to be best buddies with The Netizens all the time. I wonder if he is going to be able to sleep at night without wondering what kind of comments he’s been getting. (He’s been known to leave a few himself here and there.)

It goes on from there is the same direction, that it’s a bit unbecoming for a leader of such a high stature to lower himself. I typically transpose “citizen” when I see the word “blogger” or “netizen” these types of comments come off to me as a bit high falootin’.