UPDATE: Watch it here. I didn’t realize until just now, but Thurston County own’s Sam Garst moderated the forum. And, he did a good job.

The Unity Coalition forum will be online at TVW and on the tv (via email):

Yesterday, the caucuses of the Washington State Democrats gathered the candidates for State Party Chair – Jean Brooks, Bill Harrington, Mark Hintz, Dwight Pelz and Laura Ruderman – for the Unity Coalition forum. The candidates answered questions posed by each caucus and described their vision for the Party.

TVW, Washington State’s Public Affairs Network, taped the forum. They will be broadcasting the forum on Wednesday at 10 pm and Saturday at 7 pm. After Wednesday, you can also watch the forum on the Internet by going to TVW’s Web site, http://www.tvw.org.

Thank you for the caucuses of the Washington State Democrats for organizing this forum!