For someone who wakes up early enough to watch the garbage guys, this is funny:

We have these cool new trucks in Olympia where there’s an articulated arm like on the Space Shuttle and it grabs the cans and hoists it overhead and dumps the contents into the truck. So, the first can gets emptied, the arm goes halfway down, then back up and waits at the top, and I’m thinking some of the linoleum is stuck in the can.

The guy gets out of the truck, climbs up on top of the truck and starts putting stuff back into the can and I’m thinking, “Oh no, what did I do now? No debris allowed? Is it filled with lead or asbestos? Did the metal strips jam the compactor?” — not likely, I know.

I run upstairs and get on some pants (I’ve already had a cup of coffee, so I’m thinking ahead) and go out and ask the guy as sweet as I can, “Is there a problem?”

The guy smiles at me and says, “No. No problem, unless you count me forgetting to open the top of the truck as a problem.”

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