Awhile back I posted on the benefits of elected officials and candidates engaging in conversations that are happening online. If there are conversations going on anywhere in our community that regards why your running or the business of the city, it pays to be engaged.

One mayor from back East actually considered such conversations as a normal part of being a mayor:

““On the street, it’s just like “‘Oh, I saw you on the cable station.”’ Now I get “‘Oh, I saw you on the blog.”” Ed points out that an appearance on a blog’’s comment threads can humanize an elected offical, and that a note directly from the mayor can temper the conversation, too. ““If I go on directly and respond, if I personify the discussion” he says, ““people are more careful about what they say.””

A few days ago, I started a thread over at Olyblog about Ira Knight’s interview on KGY. Like most posts on, it started a vibrant discussion, and now, Ira’s opponent, Jeff Kingsbury is getting into the mix. He’s not bashing Ira by any means, but simply discussing the merits of a downtown parking garage.

Good on ya, Jeff. I hope this encourages more council candidates and future and current city council members to embrace the growing blog community in Olympia.