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Baird to retire?

Certainly an oh crap moment:

The word on the street is that Congressman Brian Baird of the 3rd District may be contemplating retirement in the not-so-distant future. Baird has spent 6 years in Congress, and recently welcomed twins into the family. It is not clear if this news relates to 2006 or 2008, but times they are a changing.

We will keep you informed as more details or news emerges, but put that feather into your cap.

For all the complaints Olympia Dems have about Brian Baird, I constantly remind myself that the WA-3 not too long ago was represented by Linda Smith.

UPDATE: chirrido at Washblog offers more details to the initial post:

In response to some of the commentary about Baird’s announcement regarding 2006, we wanted to share an additional tidbit that has come this way. We have heard, but not yet confirmed, that a member of the State Legislature recently hired a senior Baird campaign official, ostensibly to manage the 2006 reelection campaign for said legislator. This caused us to ask why a legislator that lives in the 3rd Congressional District would need a congressional-caliber staff member to manage a campaign for a less than competitive legislative seat. As we said before, this is pure conjecture, and merely for your amusement and discussion. But it is definitely another feather worth putting in your cap.

Sounds like for folks in the know, they can just work backwards and fill in names of the state legislator and staffer. I’m not so inclined though.


  1. Anonymous

    Except a while back Baird had a press conference announcing that he’s running next year, precisely to dispel these sorts of rumors. I’d take this rumor with an entire truckload of salt.

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