The most telling part of the forum last night was who didn’t show up. The much discussed here Michael Normoyle didn’t show up, Ira Knight didn’t pop his head in, and neither did John Griogair Bell.

From past experience and recent election results, folks that only got into the city council races just before the filing deadline have a small chance of actually winning. Most of what they can expect to do is change what is being discussed during the race so that the winners can be held accountable when they’re serving. But how in the hell do you change what is being discussed in the race if you don’t even show up? Last night was free advertising for you!

A few days ago I complained about civic life in Lacey and Tumwater, but at least both Dick Yates and John Darby (the only two candidates in Lacey) showed up last night.

Here is a list of the folks we decided to endorse following the forum last night:

Chuck Namit – North Thurston School Board, District 2
Karen Messmer – City of Olympia, Position 4
Jeff Kingsbury – City of Olympia, Position 5
Doug Mah – City of Olympia, Position 6
Joe Hyer – City of Olympia, Position 7
Ed Stanley – Port of Olympia, District 3
Steve Klein – City of Yelm, Mayor

The position that we had the most discussion on was Position 6 for Olympia, which came down to a close vote. Here are my notes from the forum.