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I’m not a Messmer shill and Jim Wiest IS a Republican

Well, I knew I never was, but Mike just stopped by to point out that I wasn’t in the first place. He also pointed out that he has an email address for his campaign now, which is encouraging: normoyleforolympia@hotmail.com. So I would encourage anyone insterested to hit him up with questions.

Also, another candidate, Jim Wiest, running against Jeff Kingsbury and Phyllis Booth, is an honest to God Republican! And, I’m not even kidding. He actually won the Republican primary for Lt. Governor last year:

Jim Wiest, an Olympia limousine driver who has been traveling the state in his 1994 Lincoln Town Car in his bid for the job, said he decided to run mainly to help Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi get elected. But once he learned that Owen serves on a House-Senate economic development committee, he staked out reducing the state’s high unemployment rate as his campaign’s defining issue.

I would assume though that most Republicans thought they were voting for Jim West, Mayor of Spokane.

Wiest also has an email address (Wiest_4_a_safe_olympia@yahoo.com), and from his primary election statement, doesn’t like Oly Cops all that much. That won’t win him the Police Guild endorsement. Strange for a Republican to not like Cops.

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