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I’m a Karen Messmer shill and other fun stuff

Michael Normyle, from what I now know, is not a Republican or a Democrat and even did not vote in last September’s partisan primary because he is “adamantly opposed to the new system.” Partisan? Not he.

That whole thing with Michael and the comments (trust me, it is good reading) got me thinking this morning, I should link to all the candidate websites that I know about. Simple thing, I should have done it awhile ago:

Position 4:
Michael Normoyle I know it says that there ins’t anything there, but do you have a better link?
Karen Messmer

Position 5
Todd E. Adams
Ira Knight
Jeff Kingsbury
Robin L “Buck” Torske

Position 6
Phyllis Booth
Doug Mah
Jim Wiest

Position 7
Joe Hyer
John Griogair Bell

Not a complete list, but I’m hoping that folks that do know of other websites will chime in (hint hint).

Also, to directly address Mike’s last post about me being a Karen Messmer shill, I do probably know some people working on her campaign, but I have never knowlingly met Karen and I don’t plan on giving to her campaign. As for whether I’m going to vote for her, I don’t know yet. But I’m not voting for Mike.


  1. magnumsgal

    Emmett – Jeff Kingsbury’s Web site is http://www.kingsburyforcouncil.com.

    Mr. Normoyle – Why are you running for the city council? A 150-word statement is too little to go on in my opinion.

    Also, you have no city of Olympia voting record. Where are you from originally? Just some simple questions from a local campaign hack…thanks!

  2. mbnormoyle

    I accused magnumsgal, and not emmett of being a messmer shill. I apologize if there was some confusion about that fact. Additionally, I don’t beleive you have enough information at this point to decide to vote for or against me. However, we live in a democracy and you are certainly free to vote based on an attitude without information.

    As for magnumsgals comment, I am running for city council because I have been dismayed at several of the council’s decisions and the reasons behind them. Recently in the Olympian a certain oouncilmember was quoted as saying that he wouldn’t put the nuclear decision to the people becuase they wouldn’t do that for his convention center issue. How petty is that? Naturally, our city would have voted against that ridiculous convention center and would have voted in favor of the nuclear ban. However, to deny the people a direct voice as a payback is something we no longer need on the council.

    To answer your second question, I was born in Olympia and have lived in the area (Oly, Lacey and Tumwater) for all but 5 years of my life. I currently reside near Olympia High School. If anybody else has any questios they can be addressed to my campaign email address…


  3. Unknown

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