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Michael Normoyle non-partisan, and why the heck it would matter

Got a comment back from Michael Normoyle on my list of who’s the no-names are running for city council, and he calls my bluff on my claim that he was a partisan staffer for that R of all Rs, Sen. Mike Carrell. So, here are my cards:

Dear Shawn,

My name is Michael and I work for Senator Carrell. I showed him your letter regarding gun control legislation. He asked me to assure you that he is sympathetic to your cause and that he will fight to uphold your Constitutional rights. Also, he informed me that you are not in his district and he urges you to share your thoughts with the legislators from your district. If you need assistance finding out who to contact please visit http://www.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx and type in your address. Thank you for sharing your views and expressing an interest in state government.

Thank you,

Michael Normoyle
(Sen. Carrell’s Office)

It is from a post from the Olympic Arms Owners Association online discussion forum. I can’t actually voutch for the email authenticity, but the post is from last January, so it would be hard to think of some logic of lying about Michael Normoyle’s partisan leanings eight months ago. Anyway, Normoyle’s status as a Republican isn’t even the topic of the email, it just points out that he works for Sen. Carrell.

“I was a non-partisan staffer for the Senate last session, and not the legislative assistant to Sen. Mike Carrell” and “My name is Michael and I work for Senator Carrell” are two way different things. I realized that being a “legislative assistant” is a very specific job, and that one could work in a Senator’s office and not be a so called L.A., but I wouldn’t say that working in a Republicans office makes you a non-partisan staffer for the Senate either.

Mike didn’t add his email, so I’m hoping he comments on this post or emails me back.

Also, if you need to be told why being a Republican of any sort is like a death knell to anyone’s hope of being an Olympia City Councilmember, you don’t follow politics in Olympia very closely. Even Doug Mah, arguably one of the most conservative of city council guys, is an active Democrat PCO.


  1. mbnormoyle

    Again, I must repeat that I was not the legislative assitant to Sen. Mike Carrell. Senators directly hire a legislative assitant and a session aide to work in their offices. Both of these positions are partisan and I held neither position. The email that you posted was one of hundreds composed by me over the session, and the views expressed within are directly those of tne Senator. To infer that I hold a position that I don’t, or to try and label me politically based upon a short email is simply irresponsible. I was hired by the Senate last session to be a non-partisan staffer, which means that my political views were irrevelent in my job. I was merely a vehicle to get the message of others across without my own bias. I don’t belong to any party and I have never voted a party line on any ballot. I take things issue by issue, candidate by candidate, etc. You are correct in your analysis that I don’t want to pegged as a partisan (of either party). I am running for a non-partisan position for a reason and I fully intend to keep inflexible party politics out of it. I must say that I have been a fan of this website for quite some time, and I am disappointed that you got it wrong this time.

    Michael Normoyle

  2. Emmett

    Thanks Mike for jumping back in. Your point on non-partisan staffers during session is well taken.

    Although, reading through your comment, I did notice something puzzling: “…I have never voted a party line on any ballot”

    Last September every voter in Washington voted on partisan ballot. Therefore if you voted last fall during the primary, you voted a “party line.” Unless you took the non-partisan ballot and didn’t vote at all for governor, US Representative, etc.

    I’m not trying to get you to say which ballot you took or if you even voted last September, just pointing out a little hole.

    And, no worries on the disappointment thing, I usually get things wrong. Also, glad to see that your planning to put up a blog.

  3. magnumsgal

    Ummmmm…gee…well…Michael Normoyle…who are you? Other than this blog, you’ve been completely nonexistent since announcing your candidacy, and you haven’t even filed the correct paperwork with the PDC. Are you even running for public office?

  4. mbnormoyle


    I applaud you attention to detail. However, I did not vote in the primary last election because I am adamantly opposed to the new system.

    As for the last message, you’re obviously well aquainted with my my opponent and neighbor, Ms. Messmer, and I apologize if my candidacy threatens you somehow. Feel free to drop by the auditor’s office and view my voter’s statement if you would like to learn a little bit more about me.

  5. Anonymous

    you folks are being a bit too nit picky, i think. i know it’s fun to be right, or prove somebody wrong, but you’re really doing neither here so let’s give the guy a chance to actually run before we decide whether he’s an asshole or not.

  6. Emmett

    I think the entire point, from both “magnumsgal” and myself is that (other than right here) we haven’t heard much from Mike, or many other of these city council candidates.

    I haven’t made one comment on the asshole he might be, but there isn’t much to go on right now.

  7. mbnormoyle

    What must be taken into account is that I decided to run less than one month ago. Other candidates decided to run nearly a year ago and naturally you will have heard more from them at this point. However, there is still 2 and a half month before the election and everybody can plan on “hearing” from me a lot more. These inital weeks have been spent shopping for signs, composing a voter’s statement, filing PDC report (which, yes, have been properly filed, etc. I agree with you that time should be given before judgements should be made, which is why I was originally so adamant about defending myself and why I was disappointed with middle school comments such as “are you even running for public office”.

  8. magnumsgal

    You just filed your report yesterday – 3 weeks late (according to PDC rules), but I won’t hold it against you. I posted a reply under “I’m a Karen Messmer shill”, but don’t know if you saw it. Can you take a peek? And yes, I did read your voters’ pamphlet statement, but it didn’t give me much to go on.

  9. Unknown

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