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Who is running for city council?

Last time around we had the classic “I’m not going to say I’m a Republican because I know that will get me killed here” duo of Sandra Miller and Dave Kent entering the fray. This year, we had the typical folks. Either they are on the council now or you really had to not be paying attention to not know that they wanted to run for council.

Outspending your opponent 3 to 1 and still getting beat hard can be pretty deflating for some.

No one, like Miller of Kent, who represented the so-called Conservative wing of Olympia politics entered the fray. Off year I guess. Anyway, up until Friday it seemed like there weren’t going to be any interesting races. Still doesn’t look that way, but at least there are going to be some primaries.

Here is a rundown on the mystery candidates that the Olympian couldn’t google:

  • Michael Normoyle is (as of Jan 2005 at least) the Leg assistant to Senator Mike Carrell (R) of the 28th district (Dupont, etc…)
  • Ira Knight is the VP of the Springwood Homeowners Association, which is off of Lilly Road.
  • Robin Torske endorsed Sam Reed.
  • There are two John Bells in Olympia, one who lives up on Division and possibly presented a paper called “Compassionate Listening” at “De-polarizing the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: An Experiment in Town-Gown Dialogue in Olympia, Washington” at the 2004 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation.
  • or

  • He could be John Bell, who works for the state Administrative Office of the Courts. No, its the first guy.


  1. mbnormoyle

    Actually, the information you published about me (Michael Normoyle) is incorrect. I was a non-partisan staffer for the Senate last session, and not the legislative assistant to Sen. Mike Carrell.

  2. Anonymous


    I found you today through a link from the Olympia article on Wikipedia.

    In reference to your post, you aren’t the only one to say that I’m a mystery. Hopefully, I will be able to clear some of that up.

    The Olympian actually contacted candidates, including myself, prior to that article, and had much more information that they were going to include but obviously did not. For example, a link to websites and contact information.

    I have a site in progress: http://www.griogair.us/

    You are correct about identifying me as the John Bell that is on Division and presented papers representing both the Evergreen and Olympia communities.

    Keep an eye on the campaign site I mentioned above for updates, if you are so inclined.

  3. Anonymous

    Actually, I got here via a link from the new OlyBlog, not the wikipedia article, for what that is worth.

  4. Unknown

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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