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I’m not a Messmer shill and Jim Wiest IS a Republican

Well, I knew I never was, but Mike just stopped by to point out that I wasn’t in the first place. He also pointed out that he has an email address for his campaign now, which is encouraging: normoyleforolympia@hotmail.com. So I would encourage anyone insterested to hit him up with questions.

Also, another candidate, Jim Wiest, running against Jeff Kingsbury and Phyllis Booth, is an honest to God Republican! And, I’m not even kidding. He actually won the Republican primary for Lt. Governor last year:

Jim Wiest, an Olympia limousine driver who has been traveling the state in his 1994 Lincoln Town Car in his bid for the job, said he decided to run mainly to help Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi get elected. But once he learned that Owen serves on a House-Senate economic development committee, he staked out reducing the state’s high unemployment rate as his campaign’s defining issue.

I would assume though that most Republicans thought they were voting for Jim West, Mayor of Spokane.

Wiest also has an email address (Wiest_4_a_safe_olympia@yahoo.com), and from his primary election statement, doesn’t like Oly Cops all that much. That won’t win him the Police Guild endorsement. Strange for a Republican to not like Cops.

Democratic Party Meetup: Supreme Court

On September 6 the Senate will be back in session and should start their discussions on the nomination of Justice Roberts. So, the importance of the Supreme Court on our lives and how we can make our voices heard during the nomination process will be our topic.

Tuesday, September 6 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Olympia Center
222 Columbia St NW
Olympia, WA
Room 101 (first floor)

And, if you want, you can download these super posters about our local meetup.
Poster 1 (pdf file)
Poster 2 (pdf file)

Olympia City Council Candidates, get your blog on

I just finished an email to a city council candidate, one that I hope wins, advising in part that she start writing a blog on her website. Blogs are a great way to engage voters, organize supporters and let people know what’s going on with your campaign without having to depend on the paper:

In this post about Larry Skutnick, the first regular guy example used in a State of the Union addresss, Kari Chisolm writes that blogs can serve the same purpose Larry did for Reagan:

…a blog can humanize a politician.

I’ve seen it happen right here in Portland, Oregon. City Commissioner Randy Leonard – a notoriously hard-to-like fella – has made friends and defused his enemies with his direct and approachable style on BlueOregon.com. He’s written obituaries for great but unknown citizens, drawn parallels between his patriotic forebears and the Patriot Act, lamented the loss of a favorite NBA coach, acknowledged an obsession with the Jeopardy! quiz show, and even demanded (with grace and wit) a retraction from a columnist who called him “short”.

Lenny Skutnick. His name has become shorthand in White House speechwriter lingo for making sure to always include a humanizing and inspirational story about a real person in major speeches. Sure, it can easily become cliche and schlocky, but there’s a kernel of brilliance there.

You may never get to give a State of the Union address. But stop cutting and pasting press releases, white papers, and fact sheets into your blog. Instead, find ways to include your own Skutnicks.

Get human. The voters will reward you.

The mayor of Montclair in Jersey gets into it with his fellow Montclairions on local blogs, and it works to his benefit:

What’s amazing is that he doesn’t even see it as extraordinary that he cares about his reputation on Baristanet. “On the street, it’s just like ‘Oh, I saw you on the cable station.’ Now I get ‘Oh, I saw you on the blog.’” Ed points out that an appearance on a blog’s comment threads can humanize an elected offical, and that a note directly from the mayor can temper the conversation, too. “If I go on directly and respond, if I personify the discussion” he says, “people are more careful about what they say.”

To that end, city council candidates, you don’t even have to launch your own blog, just get onto existing online communities, such as olyblog.

Why is meetup.com promoting DFA meetups?

Got this email this morning in an old email account:

Dear Meetup Member,

At some point in the past you joined Meetup.com and expressed an interest in meeting other Supporters of Democracy near Olympia.

*There are now 330 other Supporters of Democracy near Olympia* who are ready to get together, however the group needs an Organizer to schedule the Meetups! No Organizer has stepped forward to lead the group and help make this Meetup happen.

Click here to learn more:

You’ll notice there’s a group fee of $19 for every active group. If you’re concerned about this fee but are still interested in giving it a try as Organizer, go ahead. We’ll give you 30 days to try it out. If it’s not right for you, we’ll give you a *FULL REFUND*, no questions asked.

Finally, if you’re ready to give it a try, please do so before September 8th. On that date, any group that hasn’t had an Organizer for at least 30 days will be disbanded and you’ll be added to an “Alerts List” to be notified when a new Democracy for America group starts nearby.

We hope your Meetups are successful, and thanks for being a part of Meetup.com!

Matt Meeker
Co-Founder, Meetup.com

Now, if I remember, DFA has been working to migrate away from meetup.com, following the example of Townhall.com. So, why would meetup.com make a point of promoting DFA meetups that aren’t active or at least aren’t using their website to organize.

I would assume because they know DFA is leaving. Or, has already left. DFA has launched a beta of DFA-Link. Not quite meetup, but still a local organizing tool.

God and Private Property

In addition to the booing, what riled me up about last night’s CAO public hearing was that “God-given” quote:

“When I bought my property, there was a 50-foot wetland buffer. Now the whole street is a wetland buffer. Thurston County has made my land useless,” said Rainier resident Alana Love. “I am fighting to restore my God-given right to do what I want with my property.”

Ms. Love and I probably don’t go to the same church, but here is what mine has to say on that particular topic: You have a God-given right to hold property, but not to do whatever you want with it.

Christian tradition has never upheld [property rights] as absolute and untouchable. On the contrary, it has always understood this right within the broader context of the right common to all to use the goods of the whole of creation: the right to private property is subordinated to the right to common use, to the fact that goods are meant for everyone.

I’m a Karen Messmer shill and other fun stuff

Michael Normyle, from what I now know, is not a Republican or a Democrat and even did not vote in last September’s partisan primary because he is “adamantly opposed to the new system.” Partisan? Not he.

That whole thing with Michael and the comments (trust me, it is good reading) got me thinking this morning, I should link to all the candidate websites that I know about. Simple thing, I should have done it awhile ago:

Position 4:
Michael Normoyle I know it says that there ins’t anything there, but do you have a better link?
Karen Messmer

Position 5
Todd E. Adams
Ira Knight
Jeff Kingsbury
Robin L “Buck” Torske

Position 6
Phyllis Booth
Doug Mah
Jim Wiest

Position 7
Joe Hyer
John Griogair Bell

Not a complete list, but I’m hoping that folks that do know of other websites will chime in (hint hint).

Also, to directly address Mike’s last post about me being a Karen Messmer shill, I do probably know some people working on her campaign, but I have never knowlingly met Karen and I don’t plan on giving to her campaign. As for whether I’m going to vote for her, I don’t know yet. But I’m not voting for Mike.

Its my first Olyblog post: Stupid Tommy Lee, stupid Evergreen

I’m not going to be so lame that I cross post everything here at Olyblog and vice versa, but here’s my first (real) post over there:

I’m not assuming that anyone watched “Tommy Lee Goes To College” last night. If you did, I think you know what I’m talking about when I say that 5 minutes watching that was five minutes you wish you had back.

Its a not a credit to the average student at the University of Nebraska that they spent more time mugging for pictures with Mr. Lee than kicking him in the shins. It surprises the hell of me that our Evergreen State College was in the running for hosting this show:

The college answered an invitation from TV producers wanting to secure a college or university willing to welcome the rocker and creatively tape his experiences as a college student.

“Lee likely would have benefited greatly from Evergreen’s unique method of collaborative, interdisciplinary teaching as well as the highly creative environment, and the college’s independent study programs probably would have fit his personal approach,” Hanna said.

Its OlyBlog!

And, it ain’t CNN.

In addition to the use of the word “ain’t” and the reference to a Southern-based news network, I hate the catch phrase that Olyblog uses. And, that is the only thing I hate about Olyblog, because in general, in the 6 minutes and 1 second I’ve been User #3 down there, I love it.

They just have to get a new catch phrase.

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