Jan has seen the future:

Grow Ohio has a group blog format divided into Ohio’s five distinctive regions that lets anyone post their entries on regional news — and later will allow for group blogging in all 88 of Ohio’s counties. It also collects the user membership information into a database, and has a front-page concept that fuses local politics with statewide concerns. Not only this, but the site is developed to soon offer all sorts of directory contacts and links to activists and local officials, breaking down to the most local levels, including a calendar for locals to list their events.

The most pressing need that GrowOhio is taking on right now is the lack of websites for about half of Ohio’s county parties. This isn’t just a concern for tech nerds, it should be a concern for all off us that saw Kerry go down to the slimmest of defeats last year. It may have really been technology that doomed us in Ohio, but not the voting machine kind.

Its sad that the DNC or the state parties aren’t taking this kind of lead on things. In Thurston County our website is recently very robust, but I can’t say that about every county Dem website. It would be great if the DNC or the Washington Dems would provide an out of the box website tool that could do the local to statewide thing that Grow Ohio is doing.