The Top Two primary was just struck down by Zilly.

Below is something I had in draft about the arguments the parties were making, I wanted to point out that the parties themselves, how connected they are to the people that are politically close to them, make their own nominations mean something, not a rule by a government.

Anyway, today changes all that, so we’ll have to see.

Whether party nominations “matter” was an issue in yesterday’s arguments in federal court on the Top Two primary. The parties argued that nominations should be relevant, and I couldn’t agree more. Not to the point though that I think government should be complicit in making them relevant though.

Party nominations should be relevant on their own merits, not because government endorses those nominations. If a candidate can lose the party nomination, enter the primary election as a non-endorsed Republican or Democrat, and wins the primary, that particular party has bigger fish to fry. Essentially their nomination is worthless because they nominated someone that isn’t winning elections.