Man, that wasn’t much of an improvement.

The design is certainly, uhmmm, shiny, but the content isn’t all that differerent from the old, clunky

Democracy Bonds? Huh? Is this just a dedicated fundraising tool for the 50-state strategy? It seems like a “I’ll give $20 a month” sort of thing, but its not particularly inventive, not what I expected at all.

And, is totally gone, I think meaning they have no plans on resurecting it, which was my hope. Or at least providing a similar tool, like house parties or something.

Surpringly, the blog didn’t get much of an update either. At least, they could link to some of the blogs the state parties have up.

One things includes the local portion. The Western section almost reads like

But, I’ll say it again for anyone hasn’t gotten it, Give Us A Like Tool!