In June, we started an interesting discussion on the writings of George Lakoff and how to frame progressive values. In July, we will practice our new skills by framing the issue of Healthcare from a progressive point of view. The specific issues brought up by initiatives 336 and 330 will guide our discussion.

Don’t forget to bring a friend!

Tuesday, July 12 from 7 to 9 p.m.
Olympia Center
222 Columbia St NW
Olympia, WA
Room 101 (first floor)

Yes on 336
Yes on 330
General discussion on framing healthcare

This is a meeting for Democrats in Thurston County who want a “low impact” informative meeting to discuss topics of the day and to get more involved in the Democratic Party.

Also, just a short update on the progress we’ve been making with moving away from I’ve been talking with Christi McGinley, the county party’s webmaster, and she has begun work on a new webpage. Eventually, we will use an email list hosted by the county party and post meetup information there.