It is sad that a conservative group, not the DNC, not even DFA is the first to leave and create their own tool:

Regrettably, we were recently shocked, as many of you were, to learn about the implementation of Meetup group fees – $19 per month ($228 per year) to be paid by each of the group organizers.

Moreover, I was notified of the change only one day prior to each of you. As a paying and longtime customer, I was not pleased about how this was handled. This is not how Townhall treats its readers and I certainly don’t want Townhall’s good name to be associated with such practices.

…The response we received was unanimous!

Effective this Thursday, will officially end its relationship with In place of Meetup, Townhall will begin developing a custom solution to better cater to the needs of our Townhall Meetup members and organizers

You can expect the following improvements:

  • Easier and more intuitive interface.
  • Conservatives only! No Deaniacs, no liberals.
  • Greater integration with
  • Tools to facilitate action and coordination.

Come on DNC! While your at it, tell the DNC to get with the game and fill out their survey.