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Month: March 2005

Geoducks baseball is back. One of the coolest parts of Evergreen athletics is the club baseball team, which will start play this Saturday at 1p at Black Hills High School. The fields are in the back.

Evergreen usually gets crushed, especially by the University of Oregon club team, who they will open up with this weekend, but at least its worth the price of admission. It will be worth it to see them at the end of April when they host both Eastern and Western Washington. Those should be more competitive games.

Comment I left on leftinthewest on his post on Eastern Washington becoming another state:

Dude, I was in like Disneyland until yesterday. That is my excuse. 😉

This Eastern Washington bitterness comes up every few years, mostly when we do something to piss them off. This time is was Gregoire beating “Eastsider” Rossi. No one has had the heart to tell them that Rossi was from the East side of Lake Washington, not the Cascades.

Because this happens regularly, and goes nowhere, I always think of it as a immature act on behalf of Eastern Wash. Republicans to show how mean we’ve been.

The best part of this last time was the support of serious Seattle liberal Adam Kline. If you want to find a true “Seattle Liberal” that any self respecting Yakima conservative bubba would just hate, you would have to go see Sen. Kline.

He supports the split because he knows that the Puget Sound basically carries Eastern Washington on our back. So, screw ‘em. If they don’t want to be part of this deal, let them be the Alabama of the West.

“This would a wonderful benefit to Western Washington,” Kline said. “Why should the western half continue to subsidize the east? We could use that money right here for job creation, education and health care.”

Birding at Disneyland

Just got back from Disneyland a couple of days ago. It was my first trip there, and I would never have guessed that what was most interesting for me was watching birds.

The most common species were mallards and what I think were smaller house sparrows. Mallards especially used every piece of Dinseyland, the most amazing site was a pair nestled up in the “Storyland” attraction, towering over pint-sized Fairy Tale scenes like moster ducks. Most of the mallards were in the “Rivers of America” area, along with a fair share of coots and one very distinctive wood duck.

After I started taking note of the birds I was surprised that I didn’t see any pigeons. I was under the impression that any major urban area would have its share of “rock doves,” but not Disneyland.

You would have to keep your head up into the trees, but there were also tons of crows flying around. They never made it onto the ground or even near it for some reason, but every so often I would see a flight of crows.

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