I know that its barely into the new year. It must have something to do with the weather or maybe I slipped in MLB 99 on the playstation over the weekend, but I’m starting to get that baseball feeling. I’m going to bring home the schedule tonight.

By the way, getting Sele is not a bad move, with a minor league contract and little room on the rotation, its not like we’re going to either spend too much money to bring him back or depend on him too much.

How much of a baseball feeling have I gotten today? I found out that the Pacific International Leauge (home of the former Grays Harbor Rain) now have local competition in the Western Collegiate Baseball League. Apparently, the owners Bellingham Bells and Aloha Knights (owned by Phil Knight‘s wife) lead the charge out of the PIL. Anyway, no PIL or WCBL teams near here, so I might try to get to more Geoducks and Saints games.