The fight for the Dem state chair position begins, in Shelton I think. This is the first notice I’ve seen of a forum for the Dem state chair. Despite his efforts during the recounts, it looks like Paul Berendt in is some trouble this year.

His biggest mistake in my view is going out to get Dave Ross for the 8th district seat. A smart ass radio talk show host was the perfect person to run against the popular sitting King County Sheriff, if you felt like not winning.

35th Legislative Distric Democrats To Host State Party Chair Forum

On Saturday, January 8th the newly reorganized 35th Legislative District Democrats will meet at 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the Olympic College extension at 937 W. Alpine Way in Shelton. From 1:45-2:45 a forum will be held introducing all four candidates for the Democratic State Party Chair position. That position will be voted on the last weekend of January. The candidates include the incumbent, Paul Berendt, Kat Overman, Bill Phillips, and Greg Rodriguez. The forum is free to members and $5 for non-members.

For further information please call 360-830-4332

Who are these people, by the way?

Paul Berendt

Sitting chair, bringer of Dave Ross. ‘Nuf said.

Kat Overman

Former Chair, Snohomish County Democrats, Former interim political organizer, King County Labor Counci, Co-founder, Possession Sopund Democratic Society, Union Rep and Political Coordinator, Teamsters Local 763, 11 years as Campaign Consulting and Management. Email her at:

Bill Phillips

From the 21st District, and has a website.

Greg Rodriguez

Former King County chair, has a website and is supported by King County Dem blogger and 5th District chair, Kayne McGladrey.