Redwing thursh mania, dozens of polite birders with directional listening devices, binos and spotting scopes desend onto west Olympia streets over the Christmas holiday. Yesterday, on our way home from returning some Bon gifts, we took a short cut through the southwestside, and I kid you not, we count maybe a half dozen birders wandering south of Harrison and east of Black Lake Blvd.

Looking for a bird:

Subject: redwing this a.m.

From: Hal Opperman

Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 11:45:10 -0800

The West Olympia Redwing was seen by about 20 persons this morning on the

west side of Decatur between Fourth and Fifth from shortly after 8:00 to

just before 8:30. It and the several robins accompanying it then flew

northeastward. Those who followed found it atop a bare tree on the west side

of Plymouth a half-block north of Fourth, but only for a few minutes. By

8:40 or so Redwing and robins had decamped to points unknown, downslope to

the east and north.