You know how there are some things that will happen in other parts of the country that generally won’t happen in Washington and there are somethings that will happen here, but not across the country. And, that thing here end up being just a bit dorky?

Yeah. We got that.

It started with civil rights activist Carl Mack challenging Seattle police on their growing use of Tasers, and police officials defending the electric stun device. It has come to this: Mack, president of the Seattle chapter of the NAACP, and police Chief Gil Kerlikowske each will be shot with 50,000 volts of electricity at 10 a.m. today at police headquarters.

…”I said, ‘Well, I’ve never actually experienced it, but if you’re willing to experience it, then maybe I should do this also,’ ” he said. “Of course, immediately thinking that (Deputy) Chief Harry Bailey or (Assistant) Chief Nick Metz would jump in and say, ‘Oh no, chief, we’ll do it.‘ Instead, neither one of them did.”