I consider myself to be a good Dem, and most people I know, for ill or good, would think the same. But, I have to agree with Mr. McGladrey on this one.

I usually have WashPirg folks come to my door every so often in the summer. Hey I can’t blame them, its $8 an hour and sometimes you actually get a response. I don’t feel bad saying no to WashPirg types either, especially when the last one accused me of “leading her on.”

I was sorry to see when the DNC started using the same tactics this summer. Twice on weekday evenings I’ve had folks come to my door and start the quick talking scapula that is almost guaranteed to turn people off.

Come to the door and ask people to help out. Come to the door and hand out some literature, get them to vote. Ask for their support. But, lord don’t ask me to write no check.