When Bushies attack… when I read a LTE this morning, it really didn’t strike me as that strange. Marker on a bumper sticker. Cute trick, but not symbolic of anything larger, just a pissed off Republican in Thurston County.

Its all in perspective now, though, as a few minutes later I saw this pic from the Portland Tribune (thanks Orcinus).


There is a part of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance that I always think back to when I run into people that over-zealously defend a moral/political/religious point:

You will always defend most what you know to to be undefendable.

Its like being stuck in the Alamo, surrounding by all those Mexicans and Santa Anna. Any idiot can see your totally screwed, but instead of giving up, your fight harder than you would have normally. Other times you in Portland and you shove your hand into someone else’s face.