I’m going to go out on a limb here.

Dave Ross should not run for Congress in the 8th District.

Dan almost got me with his carpet bagger logic a couple of days ago, but my reason is much more simple. We already have a decent candidate in the 8th: Alex Alben.

He’s an ex-RealMedia executive. If you haven’t noticed, we’re doing an ok job electing those types to higher office.

And, he’s already been endorsed by the entire Democratic delegation, plus the sitting Democratic gov. Now, why does the Democrat State Chairman start recruiting another candidate when all the other dems are already lining up behind the guy we already have? That’s my biggest problem with this, we already have a guy.

Two more reasons:

Who is Dave Ross? I know he’s been on the radio for a really long time, and generally agrees with most of what I believe, but there is more to being a Congressman that having decent political views.

Its May. The primary is in September and Alben has already raised $500,000. And, we’re likely facing sheriff I Caught the Green River Killer Dave Reichert in November. I think a Ross and Alben will do more damage to each other than Reichert will endure from his three primary foes. By running Ross against an already strong Dem, we’re weakening ourselves.