Three quick reasons why Portland shouldn’t get the Expos

1. These noodlehead couldn’t even keep a Triple-A team running. You’re going to trust them with a major league franchise?

2. Take away from the Mariners. I love the M’s, and with Oregon, they have one of the top-10 media markets in the country, including all the way down to northern California, Alaska, and out to Montana. Take away Portland, we lose a lot.

3. Mexico deserves it. We expanded to Canada in the 60s, why has it taken so long to get into S. America? Monterey is 1,230 miles from Los Angeles and 891 miles from Phoenix (if we put the spos in the West) and only 413 miles from Houston (if they’re in the Central). By comparison, Seattle is 954 miles from LA, 680 miles from Oakland and 1683 miles from Dallas. Also, 3.6 million live in the Monterey metro area.