Only in Olympia could Jeanette Hawkins be seen as a conservative, even akin to Kevin O’Sullivan.

Oh, poor Olympia. So many of us really don’t know what the hell is going on, reality from perception and what a real liberal is. For one thing, Jeanette Hawkins is not a conservative, not even in a conservative Democrat sort of way. She is liberal. Maybe not as liberal Ralph Nader, but liberal none the less. Only in Olympia, where your middle is left and the right wing is seen as facist, could Jeanette ever be seen as a righty.

She’s not even Kevin O, who fought for four years as a county commissioner, as several more as county assesor, trying to be the best Scoop Jackson Democrat he could be. Eventually, he got kicked out of the party and joined his rightful clan in Lewis County.

Now adays, I assume the greatest insult you can give a fellow lefty if you don’t think they’re cool enough is “your just like Kevin O’Sullivan, an evil GOPer in Demo’s clothing.”

Oooooh, aaaah, remember though, Jeanette’s got the best anti-Kevin creds of any of us: she called out O’Sullivan hard during those heady days of shoreline rules protests.