Resolution for Washington State Democratic Party

WHEREAS, the attempt to encourage non-presidential year’s caucuses by moving the meeting time from Tuesday night to Saturday daytime was not sufficient in 2006 to increase attendance, and,

WHEREAS, the Thurston County Democrats spent time and money to promote the 2006 Precinct Caucus, only to experience a low turnout.

This included:

-over $3,000 for caucus rentals,

-A minimum of 40 hours of volunteer-time from each TCD Executive Committee member,

-Thousands of individual postcards by PCOs (at their own expense) to the Democrats in their precinct.

To experience:

– Only 380 attendees – less then 8% turnout compared to 2004.

– Less then one-quarter of the 1318 allocated-delegates elected (only 296).

– 111 precincts, out of 267, with NO attendance (not even a PCO!)

WHEREAS, the informal Topic Sessions held by the Thurston County Democrats prior to the Caucuses had significant attendance, and, at lower costs.

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Thurston County Democratic Convention request the State Democratic Party cancel any plans for a 2010 non-presidential year Precinct Caucuses, allowing County Committee to plan other local events during March.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the State Democratic Party may use other means to determine non-presidential year platforms or policies (through State Committee people, PCOs, Active Democrats, or such.)

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Thurston County Democrats forward this resolution to the Resolutions Committee for the June 2006 Washington State Democrats Convention.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Thurston County Democrats requests that the TCD Executive Committee send a copy of this resolution to other County Committees for their consideration.